Welcome to the Once Upon A Time website!!!

Once Upon A Time is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Glenda R. Reed, who is a victim and survivor of child sexual abuse.


Our mission is . We celebrate women who have suffered child sexual abuse, have forgiven their abuser, and have moved on, in a positive way, with their lives. We also help to prevent child sexual abuse by teaching children and their parents the signs of sexual abuse and by giving them the keys to preventing it. Last, but not least, we mentor young ladies between the ages of 16 and 24.

Once Upon A Time was created to foster an atmosphere that will not only help those suffering from the act of child sexual abuse to forgive, but also to show them how they too can help others in their healing process.

Our mission is to celebrate those who have overcome the devastation of child sexual abuse and to prevent it from happening to other children by exposing those who perform or attempt to perform this terrible act upon children. Shining light on this darkness will send a message to the abusers that sexual abuse is no longer acceptable and it must stop!

About The Founder

Glenda R. Reed

Glenda R. Reed is founder and CEO of Once Upon A Time. Because of the molestation and abuse suffered by her in her early years, Glenda felt a need to create an organization whereby she could help in the healing process of others who has suffered similar abuse. Based on her own personal experiences, she decided to create a vehicle to help other women and children who have experienced similar trauma due to abuse and violence. She plans to expand her organization nationally, and eventually internationally to help as many women and children as she can.